Stop Trying To Be “Alpha”

In today’s culture, we’re inundated with the idea of the “alpha.”

Whether it’s from movies, television shows, self-help books, or even social media influencers, the message seems to be clear: to succeed in life, you must become an alpha.

But is this really the best advice for everyone?

Let’s delve deeper into this “alpha” concept and understand why this might not only be an unattainable goal but also an unhealthy one.

The Misunderstood Concept of the “Alpha”

What does being an “alpha” even mean?

If you scour the internet, you’ll likely find dozens of definitions, each tailored to fit the narrative of the one presenting it.

In popular culture, an “alpha” is often portrayed as someone who’s dominant, assertive, and in control. Someone who never shows weakness and is always ready to lead.

Sounds ideal, right?

But here’s the catch.

The world isn’t divided into “alphas” and “betas.” These are not scientific classifications for human beings.

In reality, these terms came from observations of wolf pack behaviors — and even then, the most recent studies have debunked the idea that wolf packs strictly operate in this hierarchy.

So, if wolves themselves don’t fit neatly into these boxes, why should we?

Aren’t you tired of trying to fit into a mold that doesn’t even accurately represent animal behavior, let alone complex human personalities?

The Harm in Chasing the “Alpha” Dream

There’s a significant danger in idolizing and pursuing this “alpha” status.

Let’s break it down:

It’s Limiting

By trying to be an “alpha,” you’re boxing yourself into a specific role. Life is too multifaceted to be confined to one label.

Can you recall a moment when you felt pressured to act tough, even when your emotions said otherwise?

That’s the “alpha” trap.

It Hinders Genuine Connection

Relationships — whether friendships, romantic ties, or family bonds — are built on authenticity.

If you’re constantly posturing as the “alpha,” can you genuinely be vulnerable? Vulnerability, contrary to the “alpha” myth, is a strength.

It allows for deeper connections, understanding, and growth.

It’s Exhausting

Constantly trying to uphold an “alpha” image is tiring. Why? Because it’s not rooted in authenticity.

Imagine spending a day pretending to be someone you’re not. Now, imagine doing that every single day of your life.

Sounds draining, right?

Have you ever wondered why many people who claim to be “alpha” often seem unhappy or unsatisfied?

It’s because true contentment comes from embracing all facets of oneself — not just the ones deemed “alpha.”

Embrace Authenticity Over Labels

In our quest to find our place in the world, it’s easy to fall prey to societal definitions and labels.

But as we’ve explored, the “alpha” label is not only misunderstood but can be actively harmful.

Rather than seeking dominance or an unattainable ideal, let’s focus on being the best versions of ourselves — authentic, multifaceted, and unapologetically human.

Next time you feel the pressure to be “alpha,” ask yourself: is it worth sacrificing your true self?

Remember, life isn’t about fitting into a category; it’s about carving out a unique journey that resonates with who you truly are.

So, let go of the “alpha” dream and embrace the real you.

You’ll be happier for it.

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